10 Things we learned after graduating College and Law School

This blog is collaborated with my niece/cousin, Mishi. She just recently graduated from college yesterday, fresh from the oven hahahha while I graduated from law school last 2015.


  1. The lessons we have learned in school does not necessarily mean that we would apply them in real life, however, they serves as guide towards every decision we will make in the future .
  2. Choose your friends well not just those who will be around  you when they need you.
  3. Learn how to manage your time. Set an alarm and dead lines on your goals.
  4. Always be optimistic.You might feel down today but it does not mean you’ll be down for the whole week. A zero on the pop quiz won’t kill you.
  5. Get to know your professors well, you’ll learn a lot from them.
  6. Learn how to socialize, your horizons will grow bigger.
  7. Hard work pays off. To minimize the consequence in number 4. hahah
  8. Be kind. Who knows the one you have given a smile today will brighten up your world in the future.
  9. Your grades doesn’t signify what you really are. This is not a barometer of your brilliance and the things that you can achieve.
  10. and don’t forget to ENJOY because school is a fun and bittersweet experience, so its better to enjoy the ride.



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