Short Hair, Don’t Care #Benefits

Short Hair, Don’t Care, and its Benefits

Cutting my hair short is one of the best decision I have ever made this year. Okay, I just cut it yesterday, on my own (: #proud And I am already reaping the benefits today.

  1. People compliment me that the short hair suits me;
  2. Shampooing made easier before it took me five minutes now it only takes two minutes, talking about saving time and water here (:
  3. Since summer is coming, I wouldn’t feel so hot then;
  4. I have this breezy feeling of my hair;
  5. I can clip my hair on my ears;
  6. I can feel more confident now before I used my long hair as a shield when I don’t feel confident, now my short hair helps me boost my confidence;
  7. And I feel good about myself.





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