Amazing Thailand (The Grand Palace)

A place where you can explore Temples of this amazing City.

I went to Thailand thru a bus from Siem Reap Cambodia on which the ride took a total of around three hours, don’t worry you won’t get hungry (: because the bus will stop from station to station. The bus ride from Siem Reap to the first station took two hours, then we travel for another forty-five minutes to the capital of Cambodia, Poi Pet, in which the border is located to have our passport being stamp. From the border of Cambodia, you’ll walk for fifteen minutes to go to Thailand’s nearest border in Aranya Prathet and again to get your passport stamp. From Aranya Prathet to Bangkok the ride will took five hours. I forgot to mention that the bus company where you bought your bus ticket from Cambodia they’ll be the one who’ll provide the transportation from Aranya Prathet to Bangkok, you don’t need to make additional payments for the van because its already included from the payment you’ve made when you bought the bus ticket in Cambodia.

So now the Temple’s. The first temple that I was able to visit was the Temple of the Emerald Buddha where the Grand Palace is located which was the former resident of the Royals. In order to get inside the temple, you’ll pay 500 Bhat for the entrance, and please dress properly—no skimpy dress is allowed as well as, short shorts, sleeveless, and wear shoes please, or else the guards will not allow you to enter. It  took me three hours to roam around inside the temple or more if you go detail by detail. It was so hot when I went there, so umbrella is required or a hat (: if you’re in a hurry go directly to the area where the Emerald Buddha is located, actually its quite hard to find but there are free maps given inside the temple. You are not allowed to took a photo of the Emerald Buddha, there are guards all over, but if you’re fast enough to get snapped then maybe you can, just don’t let the guards see you. Its not allowed because it will disturbed those who are praying, especially the flashes of the camera. And it will be a sign of disrespect to the Emerald Buddha.







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