Cafe Umberto

Since Palompon has been progressing than ever before, and it is now popular due to Kalanggaman Island, well lots of establishments have been put up by different business owners, and Cafe Umberto is one of them.


Cafe Umbertos is a new food place in the town of Palompon, Leyte. It is owned by Dr. Georgina Arevalo who is also the Vice Mayor of Palompon, it is among of the the popular food place in the area. The prices are reasonable and the warm brownies is my favorite (it is a must try) thats the reason why I kept on coming back to the place, I’ve been here more than I can count (: (:


The photos that I post here were the ones from last month. Not only that the food is good but also, its an Instagram worthy place. The cafe has variety of food to offer in their menu from pizza, pasta, burgers, steaks, desserts, to milkshakes. The staffs are friendly, and will greet you with a smile upon entering the place,  and I forget to mention that it is a wifi zone, so you can post your ‘at the moment’ photos (:


It is located in Rizal Street which is the main road of the town, some locals just walk their way to the cafe, or if you’re not a local you can ride a potpot going there which the driver will charge you with 5php.




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