Celiosa Flower Farm in Cebu



The Celiosa Flower Farm is one of the most popular attractions in Cebu which is located 14km away from the city.




The Celiosa flower farm is known as the Little Amsterdam of the Queen City of the South. The flower seeds were brought from Amsterdam by its owner Maria Elena Sy Chua, an international flight attendant. The flowers are consists of yellow, orange, pink, and fire colors which are pretty pleasing to the eye.




These flowers are the official festival flowers of the Sinulog in honor of the Little Senior Sto. Nino mainly because of its colors. The flowers are being harvested during All Saints Day, and for Sinulog. Until then, they’ll allow it to grow again, so it will be available around summer. The entrance fee only  cost 20php, however if you’ll have a photoshoot; e.g prenup they established a higher fee for it which is 500php. You can also buy flowers in the entrance ares which 30-40php per stem.


There was an incident before that due to huge number of visitors, and lots of them took selfies which is so closed to the flowers they trample it. The owner decided to close it for awhile until it can restore to its original state.

FB_IMG_1468770052171FB_IMG_1468770055545How to get there? (: (:

It is located at Barangay Sirao, Busay Cebu..by the time you reach Ayala Heights, turn right to Canada drive, this is applicable for private vehicles. However, if you’ll take the public transportation, you need to stop at JY Square, from there you’ll see lots of habal-habal drivers who can take you to the flower farm, the fare will cost you around 70-150php or higher, be sure to haggle.




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