The Iscreamist, Nitrogen Ice Cream

The Iscremist is located in Maginhawa Quezon City Manila, it is one of the popular food spot in the village (The Square Magiting, 51 Magiting Street,Teachers Village, Quezon City). I went there together with three other friends, the place was crowded by the time we arrived, we have to wait for vacant tables.

As the famous saying goes, curiosity kills the cat and sometimes satisfaction brought it back. In this case, its the former but still, along with the other food stall, being at Iscreamist is a good experience, especially if you ordered the Dragon’s Breath, nevermind the taste, just count your giggly happy experience everytime you blow the s’mores which is one of the dessert package of Dragon’s Breath. This dessert stall is one of those places that’s more about having fun than taste, the ice creams aren’t bad, but aren’t better than other ice cream stores. Since the ice creams are being exposed to nitrogen before being serve, expect it to be so hard as a rock by the time you want to take a bite, and it has less flavors, maybe because due to its exposure to nitrogen.

We ordered the Nutella and Strawberry Cheesecake Nitrogen Sundae which is 228php each, and two Dragon’s Breath S’mores that cost 79php each set.

This is an Instagram worthy place (: (:




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