The Mac Quick Sizzle lipstick belongs to the line–SHOP MAC, COOK  MAC.

There are actually six (6) lipsticks on this line:

  • Dish It Up (berry pink)
  • Innocence, Beware! (light yellow pink)
  • Naughty Saute (bright pepto pink)
  • Quick Sizzle (bright pink)
  • Runaway Red (rich red-blue)
  • Watch Me Simmer (bright pink-orange)

What I’ve got is the Quick Sizzle, and it was sold on Rustans Ayala Mall for 1000php. its a limited edition lipstick, I highly doubt if it is still available on the counters now.

The Quick Sizzle is the most popular on this line.  The lippies on this line has a double packaging, first the colorful retro box and the second is the normal black box that Mac always have, it really has the retro vibe when you see it first. Vibrant blue based pink with a matte finish. Even if its bright pink it doesn’t have a hint of neon. As usual it has the scent of vanilla which always makes me feel comfortable and makes me wanna bite the lipstick. lol. Even if its matte it is quite moisturizing, it applies evenly without pulling at lips. For people like me who always have a chapped lips and needs to use moisturizer, this lipstick, you WON’T NEED it, the perfect lipstick for us. Yeeeey! (: (: it is also long lasting, it lasted for about six (6) hours on me with food and drinks.




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