Summer Paradise: Kalanggaman Island, Leyte

Kalanggaman Island is located in Palompon, Leyte. It is on its hype now, one of the top travel destinations this summer that people from different parts of the country visits the Island– others are foreigners and even a cruise ship. The island gain its popularity way back 2013 when a German Cruise Ship (MS EUROPA II) together with its 300+ guests and crew members made its stop-over .

Kalanggaman is a white sand beach and has a pristine blue waters, it  is also good for diving because of its coral reefs. As a local of Palompon, I always knew why it’s named Kalanggaman, the reason is the island is like a shape of a bird spreading its wings, and bird in the locals dialect means “langgam”. (I do not take credit of the  photo of the island posted  below)



The island is a one hour boat ride from Palompon, Leyte proper, as a local I only have to pay 50php, below are the corresponding fees:


And upon arrival on the island, visitors will be welcomed by its caretakers, you’ll be asked if you want to rent chairs and tables, or cottages. Some tourist prefers tobstay over night while others leaves during four or five in the afternoon. The island has six comfort rooms, and there are police officers who patrols the area every now and then.























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    Pretty pictures!


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    Great post!



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