For all its worth…

They say, “give the woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world, or if you’re sad add a little lipstick and attack.”

Most women owned atleast one lipstick, that is a fact but others owns a dozen or more, I am guilty as charged, I do not deny it, I own lots of lipsticks, in fact some of them I didn’t open yet, still fresh in the box.

Woman buys lipstick for different reasons, work, peer pressure, depression/sadness, or maybe they just want to buy it for no reason at all, maybe because we’re just woman and its part of being a woman.  If we’re down and we buy lipstick does it really takes the pain and sadness away? Yes, it does, however, temporarily because we always need to wake-up to the reality that our problems can’t be fix by material stuff.

As a woman in my middle 20’s I have the tendency to shop for lipsticks compulsively, I mean there is a hunger within myself that crave for more lipsticks, and I do not know why. When I purchased lipsticks online, I try to removed the lipsticks on the shopping cart and closed the app but later I ended up buying it, eventually having more than I’d put on the shopping cart before– Nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy. Earlier, I was in bed, and when I turned to my right–on the top of the bedside table there are three boxes of unopened lipstick, my hands touched the fresh thick crunchy black boxes, and I thought, do I really need this, do I have too much, will all of my problems go away when I’ll use them, I could have save all the money that I spent for all the lipsticks that I have…

..But then again, I am just a woman, and I crave for more.

Enjoy some photos of the lipsticks that I took (:

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  1. Jade Tatum says:

    The photo with the kissproof lippies; what were the tubes of lippies on the side of those, the three chunky tubes?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Those are me now liquid lipsticks, the same manufacturer as kissproof.


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