The Tequila that won’t get you intoxicated! (:

On my previous blog I’ve mentioned about Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick that I’d purchased together with my Inglot Lipsticks. I only got one shade and that is Tequila Sunrise, this is a matte lipstick which is a fresh and fun peachy Coral shade and is ultra pigmented and long-wearing but so festive and flirty, since summer is already around the corner in the Philippines this is a good choice for me.

  • The packaging of the lipstick is a combination of black and gold and the lipstick itself is a bullet case in gold, just like Mac but the color of the packaging of the latter is black and silver.


  • The texture of the lipstick is matte, since my lips dry easily I always apply a lip balm before putting the lipstick. I find this lipstick a little bit more drying. I can moisturize my lips with a lip balm, but still at the end it always leaves my lips peeling when I removed the lipstick. This is a coral-peachy shade perfectly match my skin tone and this looks like a happy color it lightens up my mood.


  • The good thing about this  lipstick is that it is cruelty free, the best lipstick is always cruelty free. This is sold for $19 or 900php.
  • Therefore, I have come into conclusion that even if it dries my lips if not being paired with a balm, this is one of my best purchase because it matches perfectly on my skin tone.
  • Enjoy reading, and please don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, just click the link. Thank you. Much love, Diana (:

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