Rita’s Italian Ice

Hello. I’ve updated this blog because all of the content here just suddenly disappear. Okay, a brief history of Rita’s Italian Ice– Rita’s Italian Ice, also known as Rita’s Water Ice, is an international franchise based in Trevose, Pennsylvania, selling mainly Italian ice, frozen custard as well as specialty creations. Rita’s was founded in May 1984 by former Philadelphia firefighter Bob Tumolo with a recipe that he purchased from an elderly neighbor that he then adjusted to enhance the flavors and include real fruit. Rita’s originally advertised its product as “water ice”, using the colloquial term for what is sometimes called “Italian ice” in other areas of the country. By 1987 a second store was opened, and in 1989 the family decided to franchise their business. Today, there are over 600 locations in 25 states, and I think they already have around  three or more braches here, in Alabang, Greenhills and UP TOWN.

I have been to only one Rita’s branch– UP TOWN CENTER, a new mall near University of the Philippines Diliman but I have been there gazzilion times (over. lol) seriously, I’ve been– its the yummiest shaved Ice in the whole wide world (I am exaggerating again) it is really yummy, ohh they don’t only have the shaved ice with frozen custard on top, they also have cookie ice cream, and blendini. The flavors that I’ve tasted were, Cheesecake and Vanilla, Black Cherry and Vanilla, Strawberry Banana, S’mores Vanilla, and the Cookie Ice Cream. Here are the price range:

Italian Ice (P100/reg, P125/large, P250/quart)

Frozen Custard (P125/reg cone, P160/large cone)

Sundae (P160/reg, P195/large)- frozen custard with two toppings, whipped cream and cherry.

Gelati (P130/reg, P160/large) – Layers of Italian ice and frozen custard of your choice.

Misto (P140/reg, P160/large) – Liquid custard mixed with Italian ice of your choice

Blendini (P130/reg, P160/large) – Frozen custard, Italian ice and one topping, mixed together.

Frozen Lemonade (P120/reg, P140/large)

Custard Cookie Sandwich (P60/plain, P70/with 1 topping). And the cookies they used are oreos.

Here are the photos that I took during my visits to Rita’s (:


Smo’res Vanilla
This was banana, I guess, sorry I forgot the flavors.
Strawberry Banana Gelati top with Vanilla Custard.
Cheesecake top with Vanilla Custard and Black Cherry top with Vanilla Custard.



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