Review on Real Techniques Brushes (:

I have purchased two sets of  Real Techniques brushes two weeks ago from an online seller. I’ve been using make-up since time in memorial, lol, and having a good brushes really helps you to achieve the look you want.

A brief history about Real Tecniques, the brand was created by Sam and Nicola (aka Nic) Chapman, they are sisters, make up artists, youtubers; they’re the women behind Pixiwoo. As what I have read, their aunt is a great influenced to them as the former is a renowed make-up artist in London working with clients like David Bowie and Princess Diana. Sam had the opportunity to work with Mac, and Chanel, also Estee Lauder. In 2008 Sam uploaded their first video on youtube when a friend asked her how to do a smokey eye, after the two sisters collaborated on their works and in 2011, the Real Techniques brush collection was launched.

As what I have mentioned earlier, I have two sets of new brushes, the first one is Sam’s Picks.


The packaging of Sam’s Picks is very beautiful and so lovable, so girly. The brushes are ultra plush bristles and with the right make-up can make you look pixel.perfect. The set contains six brushes and one of which is the exclusive Essential Crease Brush (purplelish blue oval head) while the other five are the Multi- task Brush (the big and bold pink one) it can be use as a powder, blush and bronzer applicator, its really perfect for being use as a powder brush because of its huge coverage it helps you save powder, the next brush is the Buffing Brush (the yellow orangey) this brush is good with liquid foundation, it blends well the liquid without leaving any spots of uncovered area. The third brush is the exclusive one on the set the Essential Crease Brush, you can use this as a contour brush because of its soft tapered design but for me I prefer to use the setting brush as my contour brush, I don’t know if they made another batches of this brush to be sold individually on the market, if they will I think it would be a little bit pricey for a small sized brush. The fourth brush is the Setting Brush (the pink with rounded flat tip) you can use this as highlighter brush but in my case I break the rules and use this one as a contour brush, I like it because of its edge that covers the cheeks area of the face I only tap once the contour pallete and done, it saves time.The fifth one is my favorite the Pointed Foundation Brush (yellow orangey flat well cut edges) this is the traditional fpundation brush, the edges of this brush is design to build a custom coverage on the areas of the face and neck when you apply the foundation. And the last one for this set is the FinenLiner Brush (purplelish blue pointed) this is perfect on applying liquid eyeliner, but in my case since I always wabt to break the rules and I want to have a perfect shaped lipsnI am using this brush as a lip liner brush.


The second set that I have here is Nic’s Picks


 This set contains five brushes, three of which are the exclusive cuts. The brushes on the set looks kinda ordinary if they are taken out from their box and when you look them from afar but when you have a closer look on it the brushes have “real techniques” being printed on its handle and are also color coordinated for its specific use. The first one on the set is the Duo Fiber Face Brush, this brush is perfect for those tends to apply powder heavely like myself, because of its duo-fiber it helps us control the amount of powder to use, perfect for lightweight application. The second on the list is the Cheek Brush, it evenly applies the blush on the face for a more dramatic finish. And now we are down to the three exclusive cuts, the Angled Shadow Brush– because of its angled cut design it is perfect for layering your eyeshadow in the crease; Base Shadow Brush– it can be use as a foundation brush because its tiny weeny it is good for hard reached areas, just like on the side of the nose to prevent oil; and the last one is the Eyeliner Brush, this brush is so firm that can eventually hold the product upon applying it on the lash line.


The price that I paid for Sam’s Picks is 1450php and for Nic’s pick is 1300php. If you’ll buy the brushes individually it will cost you much than buying it by set. So over all I love the brushes, their bristles are so soft you get what you paid for, its a good investment.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my first ever blog. Have a good day! Much love, Diana.




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  1. Love your review! I love RT brushes, they are so affordable and soft! Have you tried their sponge? I really like it as well, a great dupe for the BB 🙂


    1. Thank you very much for reading. Yes I do, I’ll write about it soon. Have a good day! (:


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